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The Forest Approach Consultancy 


The Forest Approach Consultancy 

What I do ... For Nurseries & Preschool

I can do lots of plans for different individual settings.

I deliver wonderful, creative, imaginative, and fun Forest School workshops  If you are looking to set-up a Forest School, need ideas for Forest School workshops or require a freelance Forest School practitioner to implement, plan and evaluate your workshops I can help. I offer one-off and block booking 6 and 12-week Forest School workshops at either my site or your setting.

  • I can provide The Forest Approach ethos to your children at my fantastic rural site, where shared experiences take place at our wonderful outdoor “Hut”& magical woodland (which is 5 mins walk off site ) in Hartley Whitney.

Why not ask your parents to drop & collect their children with us at a specific time, and you can either send a member of your team, to take photos and collect observations or we can send lesson plans to you each week .

  • Or I can come to your environment and plan a program to suit your setting, for a couple of hours, this will be fully outside ! When the Nursery/Preschool enroll children to an enrolment package, the setting will receive a banner advertising the service you are providing (small charge)


“(your setting name ) is a Forest Approach environment” !

Nurturing Nature and Forest School setting

The setting can advertise that the children can experience the forest school with a qualified level 3 Forest School Leader. It’s great for the holistic approach for children, the impact on children’s wellbeing and Ofsted will love it!

Working on your environment- As an ex-Lead Foundation Stage Practitioner I can come to you and provide advice and support on how to set-up a Forest School and develop your outdoor learning provision. As well as thought-provoking Forest School and outdoor learning areas I can also provide advice different areas such as vegetable allotments, sensory areas, wildflowers gardens, physical nature spaces and so much more.

I enjoy creating interactive workshops which make the most of environments and enrich the outside classroom.



I can provide advice on:

  • How to set-up a Forest School

  • Thought-provoking Forest School and outdoor learning areas

  • The creation of vegetable allotments, sensory areas, wildflowers gardens, physical nature spaces and so much more.

  • I provide a range of resources and practical support that including:


Leading events or running outdoor activities, Bespoke outdoor workshops for your children and their families such as end of term and celebrations

Outdoor teaching resources and lesson plans linked with the EYFS or birth to three

Practical support in the delivery of Forest School and outdoor learning sessions on a regular basis

Training sessions to inspire your team and support learning outside the nursery/preschool including wellbeing & mindfulness


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Risky play -Outdoor Learning

The  importance of risky play and the affect this has on children’s play and development. Why is risky play such an important part of childhood? What is risky play outdoors? Remember back to your own childhood... do you remember what the risks were? For today’s children we often wrap them in cotton wool so they are unable to make their own judgements about risk. How can we enable children to experience managed risks? Making their own decisions, therefore helping produce more confident individuals. By focusing on the whole child, we can adapt their learning. An environment outside formal educational settings; woodland creates its own learning environment framed by safety routines and established boundaries. Children need to be kept safe from potential harm and hazards at all times, but they also need to explore and take risks.  Making their own decisions, therefore helping produce more confident individuals.

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