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Forest & Pizza Workshops

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Forest school inspired workshop (Parties)               


Before Wendy went into Early Year’s she was a children’s entertainer and organised children’s parties. The Forest Workshop/Party, although different from “the norm”, will be full of excitement.

Our fantastic hands on  workshop/parties are suitable for children 3-12 years.

A typical party will start with a selection of fun age appropriate outdoor games & we will start our craft activities such as clay animals or faces, leaf pictures or leaf wreaths, or painting stones (age appropriate to party).


These have slightly changed from original plan “parties” as we cannot do pizza at moment however you get more time! - A typical nature outside workshop will start with a selection of age appropriate outdoor games and we will start our craft activities such as clay animals or faces, leaf pictures or leaf wreaths, or painting stones (age appropriate to workshop).


Workshops are for 8 children with a Level 3 Forest School trained leader (Minimum 8 children start at £160 for 2 hours and include all games and other entertainment and craft resources for all the children). Due to covid-19 we need to limit adults at this time, your welcome to give party bags and cake in the carpark if social distancing is adhered to.

 I will light a fire and do some dessert such as marshmallows or S’mores, the birthday boy or girl and their friends will have to find their craft and have some wonderful shared experiences such as building dens, woodland tools, mini beast hunts, making fairy or goblin houses  or join in with some campfire songs.

There will be a suitcase of curiosity to ignite their imagination and handfuls of natural materials at their disposal.

 One adult will be allow (if necessary) for under 8’s. Adults always end up enjoying themselves as much as the children.

We have 2 sessions for workshops. We can also do bespoke workshop which can last longer and visit the local woodlands as well.



Morning 10am - 12pm

Early Afternoon 1.00 - 3.00 pm


What you need to do

  • On arrival with your  group go to The Forest Approach Lodge - If you have a cake and party bags these can be done after the workshop in the carpark -social distancing applies. Suggestions for party bags, as we are a nature hands on approach, may be a twig pencil, craft activity, something to plant, compass etc or we have some fantastic bug spotter bags in our online store.

  • Please remember to supply water bottles or fruit cartoons

  • Suitable clothes: both children & adults should wear appropriate clothing for different weather conditions. Layered clothes are best for warmth & comfort. Footwear should be sturdy and warm such as hiking boots or trainers; wellies are okay, but tend to be a bit cold (remember thermal socks). Long trousers are essential for protecting legs, waterproofs, gloves, hats are also a great idea

  • In warmer weather consider sun hats & sun cream

  • Spare clothes and a bag for dirty clothes would also help for the homeward journey (if necessary)


We also have some fantastic gifts for the Birthday child from the Den Kit , so your child can continue their adventures at home. Please look in our shop !

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