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The Forest Approach Outdoor Preschool

What we do

What’s different about the The Forest Approach Outdoor Preschool ! Simply …. Everything.

It’s where the magic happens, and children can be children- through play and self chosen activities. First of all, the child are the centre of our practice with parents & educators they will have the best starting point as possible. The Forest Approach is an inspirational process that offers all learners opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in a natural outdoor environment, incorporating Forest School skills a specialised approach that sits within and complements the wider context of outdoor and woodland learning. The Forest Approach led by a forest leader aims to provide holistic learning for all children in their outdoor environment; learning is enhanced by the fantastic views that surround our basecamp. Some learning experiences are loosely structured in order to accommodate interests and curiosity.



“The time the children are playing is the time when children are learning, and the teaching is happening all the time “Anna Ephgrave.

Grow their Vision - 

What we do …. In an environment outside of the formal educational setting of classrooms the outdoors creates its own learning environment framed by safety routines and established boundaries. Children experience active learning in a less structured manner which suits the individual learning styles of many children. There are no limits, they are responsible to choose and change their minds (developing critical thinking) ensuring best practice is maintained through daily reflection and evaluation. We invite children to take risk and step outside their comfort zones as we will enable them to believe in The Forest Approach ® themselves and grow their abilities , whatever these maybe, as they will be different for all children.

to Our Unique Environmen

Play: Play is a learning process that we all go through all our lives; much as it would be useful to have a unique and clear description of what learning entails, such processes tend to defy definition because of their complexity. We can think we have learned something one minute, only to have that learning questioned and changed by the next piece of information. Pure play – the play in which the child and their own selected participants can be involved is ‘pure’ in the sense of being unadulterated with any interference or direction on anyone’s part but the children’s. When adults are seeking involvement in children’s play, they need to do so playfully if they wish to make inroads into children’s thinking and actions in play

Our Sessions

Monday to Thursday 9.00-3.00

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