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Our Workshops 

In ‘The Hut’ and local woodlands will aim to develop:

• Self-Awareness

• Self-Regulation

• Intrinsic motivation

• Empathy

• Social communication skills

• Independence

• Positive mental attitude

• Self esteem

• Confidence

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The Licence of Holistic Learning

Knowing how children’s development is extremely important within the early years sector, we know the first 1000 days of a child’s life has the most impact to a child’s brain (Conkbayir,2017). Children’s experiences strengthen or weaken their Synapses pathways, the more children use them there more there is to gain. So, by providing exciting activities more knowledge is accessed. Each child is unique, all children will need support for those needs to be met. When observing children, we need to consider how activities will provide opportunities for development of each of these areas. Making sure that children can take their own learning forward and critically, think for themselves. Flexible workshops will offer plenty of opportunity for child led activities that feature open and explorative play. Incorporating the Early Years Foundation Stage, the national curriculum  and the Characteristics of Effective Learning into a Forest school is really easy – as many learning objectives can be used to support development in all areas.

Let's Develop those brains 


Forest Workshops

Forest Workshops with me Children only workshop Monday  9-12

Adult/Carers and child Makaton forest workshop - At ‘The Hut’ age 3-4 fire building, arts/crafts and Makaton signed singing around the campfire. The Forest Leader will be joined by a qualified Makaton tutor for the workshop for the signed singing (on hold at the moment)


The "Alder Club" Children only afterschool workshop age 4-12 and school holidays - Wednesdays 3.30-5.30pm

 Weekends Workshops please see "services"

These 2-4 hour workshops are design by The Forest Leader; therefore, this allows us to be flexible to the individual needs of the group/s. Working hand in hand with children and adults to develop both you/your child to find your/their own passions and skills. The Forest Leader is always on hand to help you/your child to develop.

Anyone …Acorns to Oaks Workshops

 This 90 minute or 60 minute workshop on Wednesday's and Thursdays are for

Parents/carers/grandparents  &  their  children to bond with you and others.

Building relationships is so important for both adults & children; it will create memories that will last forever. Building bonds with peers develops so much more than confidence, independence & 

self-esteem (although these are super important ) it develops kindness, compassion, respect & love. The holistic approach to learning, hand in hand with nature will develop this.

The Forest Approach will teach us to manage our risks, assess our boundaries, look after our earth & respect each other.


Forest workshops for age 16 plus and seniors will be based at ‘The Hut’ and local woodlands.











On Demand Bespoke Workshops

*Adult/carer and child - At ‘The Hut’ Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities; smaller groups age 3-4

* Adult/carer and child - At ‘The Hut’ Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND); smaller groups age 5-8

 * Nurseries, Preschools, Schools - Educational - At ‘The Hut’/local woodlands or your educational setting age 3-10

* Childminders - Educational package/group childminder forest workshop At ‘The Hut’ and local woodlands

* Home-schooled children - Educational package/group At ‘The Hut’ and local woodlands

* Adults  - At ‘The Hut’ and/or local woodlands. Workshops could include Mindfulness or yoga

* Seniors - At ‘The Hut’ and/or local woodlands. Workshops could include Mindfulness or stone painting

* Team Building - At ‘The Hut’ and/or local woodlands.

* Consultancy Workshops on your outside space and how the Forest Approach can bring forest workshops to your environment. 


Contact the Forest Leader to discuss your bespoke workshop/individual requirements. 

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