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Holistic Saturday 9.15-12.15

This learning curriculum embraces shared experiences

  • start from £31.50
  • Location 1

Service Description

A new licence for a Holistic outside learning program These fantastic workshops provide hands-on skills & learning ( outside and forest skills Normally £30, Block booking is £25. Please email me ( 6/7 week for the offer to apply) Holistic Outdoor Learning Harmonious play encourages relationships, agreements, or discussions to be friendly and peaceful with each other, A firm foundation for building partnerships. A Harmonious balance of mind, body & spirit Providing Opportunities for children to develop themselves through shared experiences, explore a situation and build on their knowledge. Encourage Liberty to be accessible within their self’s and in the environment. Have the freedom to choose and make choices, incorporating their Emotional feelings where possible and appropriate, try to avoid interfering in the conflict between children, and allow them to develop conflict management skills. Use reflective activities at the end of sessions that encourage mindfulness and self-awareness. (self–regulation). They are provided Intellectual workshops using a variety of activities to support children in learning and mastering new skills. Share knowledge and experience with the children. Please encourage them to talk about their interests and experiences and actively participate in them. A Spiritual Place for children to experience communicating and working with others of different backgrounds, religions, or beliefs. Encourage children to express their points of view and values—an open space for mindfulness and well-being. Team Spirit is a Social place where children from different peer groups can experience communicating with others of different ages, abilities, and backgrounds—allowing and encouraging children to lead activities and support each other. Interactive play provides opportunities for children to develop gross motor skills, such as hiding games, obstacle courses, and tree climbing. They provide opportunities for children to develop fine motor skills such as craft activities, knots, and whittling. Child-led activities that allow learners to take ownership will help develop satisfaction and enrichment. Set challenging but achievable actions to create personal pride in achievements.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • The Forest Approach, White Lion Antiques, Hartford Bridge, Hartley Wintney, RG278AE

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