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Melissa Malone February 2020:

Daisy had the best time with you, she came home very excited telling me she built a fire and a showing me all the bits she had made with you. Your workshops really help build her confidence and it’s great she gets to lots of different stuff with you that I don’t have the resources for at home. Daisy loves the workshops and will definitely be back soon. F


Carol Harbour February 2020:

Wow what can I say, such a truly amazing wonderful experience my daughter had today at the Forest Approach.
Wendy is amazing and so caring, my daughter happily went off and enjoyed a couple of hours making a fairy crown and playing in the open air
Anyone looking for something different I can’t recommend the Forest Approach enough.
We can’t wait to book our next session! 


Avan Hasan February 2020:

My kids had a blast of a time at the forest approach workshop over the half term. My eldest wasn’t too keen to go but when he left he said that he regretted ever saying no to go. Will definitely be doing more workshops. Big thanks to Wendy for making it that extra special for my kids

Kylie Rogers February 2020:

Thank you for a fabulous morning. We both loved it and have our pine cone mobile hung up at home. Great spending time with my little boy in the outdoors. Thank you!

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